James Smith

Mike handled my search very quickly and professionally. He worked very hard to get the best deal possible for me. I would definitely do business with him again.

James Smith from North Vernon, IN on the purchase of a 2015 Chevy Malibu

Gwynn Gant

We drove from Bardstown, Kentucky to check out a pick up my husband saw on line. We were actually scheduled to meet with another gentleman, but we were delayed about an hour in getting there, so we waited a short bit and Mike was sent our way. We would highly recommend Mike! Super nice guy. Patient. Very knowledgeable. Worked very hard to get us a good deal. My hubby absolutely LOVES his truck! Thanks, Mike!

Gwynn Gant from Coxs Creek, KY on the purchase of a 2016 Chevy 2500HD

Mike Jones is the definition of a professional. His love of people is obvious in everything he does, serving customers’ needs at every level, with the highest degree of integrity. I’ve known and worked with Mike for several years, and he’s always managed to build lifelong relationships with diverse groups of customers because he truly wants to help the people he serves. I look forward to purchasing my next vehicle with Mike!

Benjamin S from Pittsburgh, PA on the purchase of a

Jonathan Q

"Mike is a great rep for the Andy Mohr brand. He greeted me as I pulled in and was very up front and personable throughout the entire process. He has followed up continously making sure that I am happy with the vehicle and that has been a great touch. " Thanks again Mike!

Jonathan Q from Indianapolis, IN on the purchase of a 2016 Ford Explorer

Bob C

Andy Mohr Ford did a great 👍 job. Mike Jones is the best representative Andy Mohr Ford could have. He answered all questions that both my wife and I had. If I was going to buy another car I would only have Mike Jones be my representative and yes I would go to Andy Mohr Ford. Thanks

Bob C from Indianapolis, IN on the purchase of a 2017 Ford Fusion

Donna D

Our salesman, Mike Jones, was very helpful and informative. He took good notes and knew what I was looking for. On test drives, he went over all the options and answered our questions. He also kept me updated while looking for one THAT car.Follow-up Comment:Mike Jones/salesman was very attentive and listened to what we were looking for and helped us find the perfect vehicle.

Donna D from Plainfield, IN on the purchase of a 2017 Ford Edge

Scott C

My wife and I have known Mike for a while, so it was natural that he was the guy we went to see knowing it was time to trade up. What I didn’t expect was the sheer level of attention Mike paid to us while we were there to look at our potential new car. It was a Saturday afternoon, and the dealership was (in my eyes, anyway) extremely busy but you’d have thought we were the only shoppers there that day. Mike spent practically the entire afternoon with us, and made us feel like he was there for just us. He meticulously walked us through the process of how the order of events were going to take place once we chose our car, he sat with us and chatted with us, making us feel like we were VIP customers. Not only did Mike get us (us being ME In this case) the deal that I was looking for, he and the wizards of finance that work there got us an even better deal than we could have hoped for. Needless to say, we drove off the lot in my dream car (a 2015 Camaro SS for those that care) and couldn’t be happier. I would recommend Mike Jones as your go to guy as well when you’re looking to finally make the move into a newer and nicer ride. Thanks Mike! -Scott and Jesalynn.

Scott C from Speedway, IN on the purchase of a 2015 Chevrolet Camaro